Q? Are your holsters handmade?

Yes, they are all handmade from start to finish.

Q? What is the sweat guard?

The sweat guard is there to protect the slide from coming into contact with sweat.

Q? What thickness Kydex do you use?

We use .08 Grade A Kydex. .08 measures out to 80 thousandths of an inch.

Q? Do you have a warranty on your product?

Yes we have a lifetime warranty on all of our holsters.

Q? Do you offer LE/Military discounts?

Yes we offer 10% discount for all police and military.

Q? Do you have a return policy?

We have a 30 day return policy. The item must be very good condition to be returned. The item will be inspected upon receipt and customer will be contacted on the status of the refund.